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Review the module four reading/lectures (chapters 8, 13, 14, and 15), as well as chapter 3, chapter 10, and chapter 5.
Homework Activity: Analyze an episode of a popular recent program in light of sociological concepts you have learned about during this class
Instructions: Choose drama or comedy.
Watch a recent FULL episode of one program available for free online.
The episode should be from a program that is still in production (no cancelled programs or series that have ended) and one of the three most recent episodes available.
Summary and Analysis: Summarize the episode, or program overall, in five sentences or less.
Remember, the focus for this assignment should be on analysis, not on summary.
Give the name of the program, the title of the episode, the original air date and a web link to the episode you watched.
Analyze how the interaction between the characters, the ways in which the characters are portrayed, and instances of prejudice or discrimination exemplified in the episode according to three of the following from the chapters we have covered thus far:
Social class/stratification: What social classes represented?
How is class represented? Tie in at least two concepts from chapter 10 or 11.
Racial/ethnic diversity: Who is represented and who isnt?
How are they represented? Tie in at least two concepts from chapter 14.
Sex and gender roles: How are masculine and feminine norms represented?
Are men and women shown as equal?
Tie in at least two concepts from chapter 13.
Age prejudice and discrimination: What age ranges are represented and how are they represented? Tie in at least two concepts from chapter 15.
Sexuality and gender identity:
Who is represented?
Heterosexual individuals? LGBTQ individuals?
Transgender individuals?
Is sexuality even discussed/apparent, or is it assumed?
Are people represented in stereotypical ways according to their sexuality or gender identity? Tie in at least two concepts from chapter 8.
Mechanics: Assignments must be a minimum of one page, single-spaced, typed, standard 8.5×11 page, 1” margins, Times New Roman or Arial 10-12 point font, and include your name/course/assignment title/date.
Assignments must be uploaded per the assignment link and will only be accepted in the following formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf. Any assignment submitted in any other format or posted in the “comments” may earn a zero.

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