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Process essay outline
Introductory Paragraph
A. Do you want to taste new Orleans famous beignet but can not make it to new Orleans well here’s how you make it at home
B. Thesis Statement: There are many steps to make beignets which are preparing ingredients, mixing ingredients, frying and tasting the best dessert
II. For the first step we must get everything together to make our good beignets
Get ingredients together
Sugar, flour, powder sugar, eggs, bakers’ yeast,
Turn on your grease so that it can start getting hot
Now that you have everything prepared and ready let’s mix everything together
Now we have step 2 which is mixing all the ingredients together
A. add the warm water, sugar, and yeast mix it together
B. Mix evaporate milk, eggs, flour and pour into yeast
C. Beat until dough is smooth, cover up and sit for 2 hours or up to 24 hours
D. We have the ingredients mixed and our dough made let us get to frying and plating
IV. For the next step we are preparing the bread and frying
A. Line a baking sheet with three layers of paper towel
Remove the dough from the fridge sit dough on a flat surface
C. Roll dough into thick triangles
D. Cut dough into squares
V. Topic Sentence for Step 4 or Stage 4
A. Fry until Golden Brown
B. Sprinkle Powder sugar onto beignet
C. Serve to family and friends
D. Now that you have made the best beignet you can serve and have everyone taste the delicious dessert

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