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The process of articulating and supporting a point of view requires you to narrow and focus your topic, create a clear and concise thesis statement, and later develop the body of the paper using literature and logic to support and defend your point of view. Clarity of language and thought is fundamental to a successful argument. This can be achieved through a good thesis statement, proper grammar and paragraph structure. Assignment 3 lays the foundation for this process and introduces you to the style of writing and formatting used in nursing and many other health professions. Because focus and clarity is essential to articulating and supporting your argument, developing a thesis statement and an outline for your paper is essential; in order to do so you will need to begin a review of the relevant literature. After you have chosen the ethical issue about which you plan to write, complete and submit the following: A paragraph that includes an introduction to the topic in a general to specific flow. This paragraph should be one paragraph and should be no more than half a page. Clay (2003) notes that a good introduction introduces the issue, showing its importance to nursing practice, includes the thesis statement, and gives a brief overview of the main points of the paper in the order that they are discussed. The paragraph likely will end with a thesis statement that is focused and makes the central idea of the paper clear. Your thesis statement must present an argument—that is, you will present a point of view that could be argued as true or false, and your paper will provide the support that defends your point of view as true. The thesis statement provides the reader with a “map” for the discussion that follows. A proposed outline of your paper consisting of the major points and sub-points that you will be using to develop your point of view. There should be one major point for each paragraph. These should be clear, complete sentences that support your thesis statement. List of references used to develop your outline. Your outline should be developed using at least five credible references published within the last five to ten years. The references must come from peer-reviewed journals, books and/or credible websites. Submit a preliminary reference list with these sources cited using APA format.