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This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes 1-4:

1.Apply modern supply chain management principles and practice, including the evolution of modern operations management theory, to real business cases.

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2.Critically analyse the process of supply chain management decision making.

3.Apply and analyse appropriate management frameworks which can be used for the planning and control of materials and services, from the viewpoints of quality, quantity and cost analysis.

4.Appreciate and utilise the range of tools and techniques available to aid effective supply chain management decision-making.

This assignment is an individual assignment and requires you to produce a report.

This assignment requires you to analyse two supply chains of your choice. In addressing this report you should consider the supply chain in the following areas:

-The overall design of the supply chains.
-How decision are made?
-Procurement strategy.
-Production strategy and operations.

The assessment must be submitted by 18:00 09/4/2020. No paper copies are required. You can access the submission link through the module web.

·Your coursework will be given a zero mark if you do not submit a copy through Turnitin. Please take care to ensure that you have fully submitted your work.

·Please ensure that you have submitted your work using the correct file format, unreadable files will receive a mark of zero. The Faculty accepts Microsoft Office and PDF documents, unless otherwise advised by the module leader.

·All work submitted after the submission deadline without a valid and approved reason (see below) will be given a mark of zero.

·The University wants you to do your best. However we know that sometimes events happen which mean that you can’t submit your coursework by the deadline – these events should be beyond your control and not easy to predict.  If this happens, you can apply for an extension to your deadline for up to two weeks, or if you need longer, you can apply for a deferral, which takes you to the next assessment period (for example, to the resit period following the main Assessment Boards). You must apply before the deadline.

You will find information about the process and what is or is not considered to be an event beyond your control.

·Students MUST keep a copy and/or an electronic file of their assignment.
·Checks will be made on your work using anti-plagiarism software and approved plagiarism checking websites.