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Reflect on your understanding with regard to Immunology and the current rapid development and introduction of monoclonal antibody drugs into clinical practice (they are mainly used as anti-inflammatory agents or cancer chemotherapeutic agents).  Use one example to elaborate your reflection and how this may lead to personalised medical treatment in future.

2) Reflective Journal 2-CPD and Future Learning Plan(Please refer unit overview attached)

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Continuing Professional Development is an essential component for registration.  This is an opportunity to reflect upon your learning within this unit so far and create a learning plan that will address your individual needs.
As this unit is designed to allow students to identify their own learning needs, we need to first reflect on what these needs might be.  Reflective practice is not a new concept within healthcare, however, many people find it difficult to reflect effectively.  If you are not familiar with reflective writing, you may benefit from visiting: