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It is becoming increasingly important for registered nurses to assume a leadership role in a changing health care system. Hence, registered nurses must be able to assess and act to fulfill their own learning needs in order to work to their full scope of practice. To complete this assignment, consider an issue or trend in nursing or health care and choose one of the options from the bulleted list below. Your papers must be scholarly in presentation, reflective of course content, and although they may be related to one another, they must not be duplications.
What is an Issue Paper?

An issue paper differs from a position paper or a discussion paper in that an issue paper consists of a balanced view of a situation or dilemma in which both sides of the situation are clearly articulated. Because authors will often disagree about the kinds of solutions that should be implemented in remedying the situation or dilemma, you are expected to provide an overview of the various points of view found in the literature regarding how this issue should be resolved. Based on your literature review, you will be expected to discuss how you believe this issue should be resolved and provide your own rationale.

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Writing an Issue Paper
Searching The Literature
In writing an issue paper you will be expected to search for a variety of literature resources. Relying on your course textbooks or the material in your study guide is not sufficient. You will be expected to search through the Athabasca University Online Library database (you may also use the online Library from another University if you have access), and you may also use the Internet to search through any of the online scholarly databases. In addition, there are many links to articles and online databases in this resources site which you may use.

Defining the Issue

Once you have a sound understanding of your topic, you will need to clearly define the issue. Recall that an issue has two sides so your definition of the issue should include a balanced view.
For example: The electronic patient record has many advantages such as a time saver, clarity, and accessibility, but it also comes with the challenges associated with security, increased financial costs, and implementation problems. Your issue statement might be: Even though there are significant benefits to an electronic record, not every health region has the financial resources to implement the proper security protocols necessary to ensure patient privacy.

Framework of Your Issue Paper

Introduce your issue
Identify both sides of the issue
Provide an issue definition
Discuss the significance of the issue for nursing
Body of Paper

Describe your own opinions and beliefs about this issue
Analyzes each of the factors affecting the issue using the issue framework – see text book starting on page 7
Barriers to resolution are identified from the above analysis
Possible resolution strategies to the identified barriers are explored

Summarize your findings and give directions for future research, or recommendations for further study

Format follows APA (6th ed.) scholarly format of no more than 10 typed pages (excluding title and reference pages). Ensure you use Times New Roman, font size 12 with all margins set at one inch [2.54 cm]
Paper is free of typographical, grammatical and spelling errors.
Analysis, synthesis, and critical thinking skills are demonstrated. The paper integrates material beyond course textbooks incorporating other scholarly sources Discussion is logical in presentation of ideas; evidences clear, organized, and concise writing style