Quality of products and finished food

Write a paper in which you assess the four major areas listed below. You should take notes on each area from which you will develop your paper. Remember that future extern candidates will be reading this paper. -1-Quality of products and finished food -2-Interpersonal skills

-3-Exposure to approaches different from the CIA’s -4-Career planning 1. The quality of some of the products are pretty standard if not the same products at the culinary institute. All ingredients are sourced within the Hudson valley besides their seafood which comes from New York City as well as the west coast. All fruits and vegetables come at their ripest time. The finished food represents the higher end products. Meat is Prime and the seafood is spectacular as well as the oysters and other shellfish they have to offer. Our restaurant is very well known in Newburgh NY for being very upscale and one of the best fine dining experiences in the Hudson Valley.

2. Blu pointe is one of the most professional kitchens and restaurants I have experienced. Managers go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied and engaged. Everyone within the restaurant communicates with each other thoroughly and are always available and willing to assist one another when needed. Since being at Blu pointe I enjoy being at work and being able to communicate nd work with the people I work with. 3. Although many individuals at Blu Pointe graduated from the Culinary Institute of America they all follow their own approach. Less strict approach to wearing all components of the uniform. We don’t have to wear neckerchiefs, white shirts underneath our whites, we don’t need black or white socks, no toques. The kitchen is much more leant with procedures taken when preparing food. All guidelines are followed and all proper precautions are taken to ensure no cross contamination or spoilage occurs. I have found that the CIA is much more strict about their procedures and protocol but I understand why-they are training students to become successful chefs. All restaurants are different and operate differently but personally I enjoy working with Blu Pointe very much. 4. Career planning-Since working at Blu Pointe I have come to enjoy the kitchen environment more than I ever did at school. After being offered a part time job with them I would like to continue working at Blu Pointe for as long as I possibly can to gain more knowledge, experience and save money to have my own business. I have learned how a real kitchen works and all of the factors that play into owning a business and how to successfully run and operate a successful business. I would still like to own a cake shop someday and being able to continue working and leaning at Blu Pointe I am very much looking forward to. I believe they will help my be able to learn the in and outs of business and know if this is the right choice for me.

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