Ques1. Your CEO calls you into her office to discuss


Ques1. Your CEO calls you into her office to discuss the recent drop in sales. She would like your recommendation regarding how IT might be used to generate an increase in sales. Identify and discuss IT applications and technology that you might recommend to a small company to help it survive and succeed in challenging economic times? You need to cite from the required textbooks, please include page number. 

Ques 2. Data analytics can help companies achieve major business outcomes. List four areas where IT can make major difference and explain how and why. Give examples and cite those examples. 

Ques 3. Your CEO calls you into his office and informs you that the management reports he receives are inaccurate and the reports that support cross-functional organization needs must be manually prepared.  The CEO would like you to provide an explanation of possible causes for lack of cross functional data and the possible causes for the information deficiencies.  He would like you to provide a recommendation to resolve these issues.

Required textbook: Title: Information Systems for Business and Beyond Authors: Bourgeous, D., Smith, J., Wang. S., Mortati, J Publisher: https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/

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