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Question 1: Create two different forms of the INSERT command to add a student with a student ID of 60001 and last name John to the STUDENT table. (8 points)

Question 2: Write a SQL command that will modify the name of course ISM4212 from Database to introduction to Oracle. (8 points)

Question 3: Which students are enrolled in Database and Networking course? (8 points)

Question 4: How many students are enrolled in Section 2714 in the first semester of 2018? (8 points)

Question 5: Write a query to add a column state in student table and also show the use of check constraint by inserting state name (CA, FL, LA, NY). (8 points)

Question 6: Write a query using above table (one table or combination of tables) to show the use of all parts of select command. (8 points)

Question 7:  What is the smallest section number used in the first semester of 2018. 

(8 points)

Question 8: Write a query to show the student ID, faculty ID where date qualified is 9/2008 in descending order. (8 points)

Question 9: Write a query using above tables to show the use of AND, OR operators.

(8 points)

Question 10: In student table add the grade column and insert data for any two students.

(8 points)

Question 11: Write a query using above table / tables to show the use of Alias name. 

(8 points)

Question 12: Write a query or set of queries to establish the relationships among student, faculty, and section tables. You may add any new column in these three table. (12 points)