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Many leadership styles have been proposed, discussed, and studied over the past several decades, arguably even longer. One of the earlier leadership theories is Great Man Theory (Bass & Stogdill, 2008). Discuss Great Man Theory, when it was developed, what the theory entails, and how the theory has been applied to organizational leaders. Select two newer leadership theories (e.g., transformational, servant, authentic, etc.) of your choice and discuss how each of these aligns with, disagrees with, or debunks Great Man Theory. Demonstrate through your response application of your two chosen leadership theories in organizations. Defend each element of your response with evidence based support (citations) throughout your paragraphs. Your response should be substantive with detail in length of between 6-8 pages not including cover or references pages. In addition to the article about the chosen organization, a minimum of 6 peer reviewed sources (journal articles within the past 5 years / authored books by seminal or master leadership theorists) should be used to support your response.


Bass, B., & Stogdill, R. (2008). Handbook of leadership (4th ed.). The Free Press.