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Question: History begins with the invention of writing. Before that development, we are still in the realm of “prehistory”. Archaeology is the study of ancient human societies using material remains (artifacts) to reconstruct human behavior and culture of the past. Therefore, it’s a more useful field before we have written documents. The Paleolithic (Old Stone Age, 2.6 million to about 12,000 years “bp” or before the present) was marked by Ice Ages, the evolution of modern humans, hominid migration to all the continents from Africa, stone tool technology, and cave art. Profound ecological changes occurred on the earth during the Upper Paleolithic into the Neolithic or New Stone Age (10,000-4,500 BC). Human and ultimately societal adaptation to these changes were immense. According to the book, why is it appropriate to label these changes a “revolution”? Briefly explain how the emergence of agriculture, cities, and eventually writing is linked together.MLA FORMAT.