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Title: Essay (3000 words) Reflection on an interview with a nurse/leader in health care settings Instructions: Students are required to conduct a 30-45 minutes interview with a nurse leader/leader in health care settings. This would be a chance for you to exercise your interpersonal and communication skills. Choose a focused area for the interview. Examples of those focused areas are: leadership style; management of change; strategies to manage conflict and/or manage complaints successfully; or strategies to manage crisis successfully, etc. • Students are required to reflect on their experience and discuss their learning from this experience with support from relevant research and literature. Students are expected to demonstrate critical analytical abilities as well as integration of previous learning in their work. This assignment will allow students to report their interview in details and to discuss key themes/issues arise from the interview. Through the process of reflection, it is intended that students will gain insight into their future leadership practice and make recommendations for change. Guidelines:  An electronic copy of your Clinical Reflection assignment must be presented using Microsoft Word, Arial text font size 11 with 1½ spacing between lines. • Academic misconduct (e.g. plagiarism, collusion) is a serious offence therefore work must be original and supported by references to scholarly materials.  Using APA 6th ed. referencing system, references cited in the body of the text must match those in the end reference list. Marks will be deducted for grammar and spelling errors.

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