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In this assignment you are required to develop a comprehensive plan of care using the provided rubric for an adult using ‘Harold Blake’ from Case details who has a history of a left cerebral vascular accident and angina. He is admitted to hospital with an episode of angina and has another cerebral vascular accident. His plan of care will commence on day two on the ward. This assignment needs to be structured with an introduction and conclusion. The body of the assignment will incorporate discussion and critical analyses of the care that has been planned to be provided and the long term and short term goals necessary in the management of this case. Your assignment needs to include rationales and evidence to support care decisions. You need to identify the main inter-professional teams who may be involved in Harold Blake’s case as well as describing in more detail one of the professions role in Harold Blake’s care. You need to provide a rationale of why you chose that particular professional team member. Referring to the marking rubric you need to consider the ethical, legal and professional issues relevant to Harold Blake’s case in your discussion. You are expected to use the appropriate literature, texts and referencing in your assignment. A reference list is required on a separate page using the Harvard referencing style and is titled ‘References’ or ‘Reference List’. THE example assignment will be uploaded and the tempelete will also be uploaded. please use the templete.

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