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Autumn post 

I have worked in many different type of industries but in my current position now I would say the type of organizational structure that takes place in my place of employment is divisional structures. Divisional structures group people together who work on the same product or the same types of departments etc. The company I work for is pretty large and we have so many different divisions such as a warehouse, customer service accounts, technician dispatchers, billing and human resources. We all have access to human resources and all higher ups if needed and we defiantly have an open door policy also. With all of the different departments we all have different jobs, supervisors and tasks we are responsible to do to keep the “ship afloat”. As far as this being the best approach for organizational structure in my place of employment I would say yes this is the best approach. If we only focused on one thing than I’m sure there would be more options but for us divisional structure is the best in my opinion.

Eddie post

 Organizational Structure in my line of business I would say is discipline. I am the current owner of Carolina Transportation Services which is my own company. In order for me to succeed in my line of work I have to stay focused and discipline in order to build relationships with clients. This gives me way more opportunities which can lead into others referring me to more clients. Networking would be another for me. Being able to talk and communicate with all types of cultures is positive business move for. Dealing with these couple of Organizational Structures has allowed me to expand my company with other businesses that later became a relationships which we both benefit from. Obtaining my short goals has also been noticeable which now I can say my assets over come my liabilities. I do feel this is the best approach for me needing to do these steps have made me flourish in my line of work. I have made different adjustments to my current structure I would say a Power Culture has been put in place, trying to lead others and install the structure I have in them to better the company.