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  1. Scenario
    The height, in feet, of an object shot upwards into the air with an initial velocity, in feet per second, of vi, after t seconds is given by the formula:
    h space equals space minus 16 t squared space plus space v subscript i t
    Use the equation above to answer questions about a model rocket is launched from the ground into the air with an initial velocity of 352 feet per second. Use the graph below to help answer the questions.

    Graph showing height of model rocket. H axis is titled Height in Feet and t axis is titled time in seconds. The graph shows the starting point, highest point, and landing point of the rocket.

    Show and explain all steps in your responses to the following parts of the assignment. All mathematical steps must be formatted using the equation editor.
    : Create the equation for the height of the rocket after t seconds.
    : Find the time it takes for the rocket to reach a height of 0. Interpret both solutions.
    : Find the time it takes to reach the top of its trajectory.
    : Find the maximum height.
    : Find the time it takes to reach a height of 968 feet. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.