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Your company is planning its annual Christmas party and has, as usual, sent out an announcement of the date and the event, to all employees in the now-global company. An employee from the recently acquired company in the Middle East, who has relocated to the corporate headquarters, has contacted Human Resources to express concern about the impending event. She has noted that the announcement appears to ignore other religions beyond Christianity and feels that she, and perhaps others, have been ignored and/or excluded, explaining that there are many religious celebrations at this time of year in addition to Christmas.

To complete this Assignment, review the scenario, review the resources you have found  online, and respond to the following bullets in a 2 paper in APA format.

  • Explain the investigation process (you do not have to outline an entire investigation). 
  • As an HR manager, identify the first three steps you recommend the HR team take to begin to investigate this scenario. 
  • Explain how the steps you are recommending are designed to protect the employees involved, while also protecting the organization from liability from the situation.