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• This assignment will give you an opportunity to learn and craft a marketing plan for an upscale 40 seatsRestaurant in the Vancouver area.• Report must be submitted with minimum 1500 words 


You are required to research and craft a marketing strategyfor a hypothetical trendy restaurant located at the intersection of East Columbia and Sherbrooke Street in the historic district of Sapperton, New Westminster. You are required to create strategy in the following areas andinclude actual actions you will implement to meet your marketing objectives of increasing brand recognition and acquisition and retention of customers.

1. Brand Analysis. Who are you? Who are your customers? SWOT. Define your Brand and the actions you will undertake to assess your online Reputation (20%)2. Discuss steps you will undertake to build Customer relationship, acquire new customers and retention strategy & goals (20%)3. Discuss your Social media strategy to promote & engage your target market (20%)