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 Select one U.S. publicly traded company and review its most recent annual report. 

  • Use the Week 8 Finance in Business Excel Template [XLSX] provided to report assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and net income for your selected company.
    • Note: There are locked cells in the Excel template. The cells have been locked to prevent the formulas from being disturbed. The cells that you will need to use to complete this assignment are not locked. You may create your own templates, however it is recommended that you use the templates provided.
  1. Determine changes in assets, liabilities, and equity.
  2. Determine changes in total revenue and net income.
  3. Describe the changes from the current and prior years in each of these key areas and whether the changes would be positive or negative from an investor/stockholder’s view.
  4. Submit two documents for your Annual Report activity submission by uploading both documents at the same time in the submission area: