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Select the current political leader of a specific country (no duplication). 

Briefly answer the following questions. Support your answers using relevant facts and data from credible sources.

1. What is the impact to date of COVID19 on this country? (5 marks) 

2. What is this political leader’s policy response to the crisis (domestic and or foreign policies)? (5 marks)

3. Would you describe this political leader’s policy actions regarding COVID 19 to be more reflective of managerial or leadership traits? Why? (5 marks)

Answers should be no more than 2 typewritten pages exclusive of bibliography 

List of countries that cannot be used 

Tanzania, Canada, Sweden, India, New Zealand, USA, China, Senegal, Japan, North Korea, Russia, France, UK, Philippines, Luxembourg, Singapore, Brazil, Ireland, Egypt, Australia, Denmark, Kenya, Italy, Pakistan, Iceland, Taiwan