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Short Presentat…


In the fina.. two class sessions of the semes, students give brief presentations on their projec.. to share their newly gained insights into the topic;. that they worked on for the Critical Boo. Revie.. and Comparativ;. Book Repo.t, and answer questions that the course may have.

Prepar..a five-minute spoken presentation on the wor.. you have conducted. You can speak freely or read notes (or even a writ,,. pape..r. In your presentatio.., consider questions such as:

  • What sparked your interest in the topic of your choice?
  • What are the most significant issues/aspects that you learned about from the books you rea.d..?
  • How has the study changed your perspective, or informed your understanding of the subject?
  • What notions did your wor..k confirm? What did you find most surprising?
  • What kind of knowledge seems to remain absent from published scholarship on the subject (based on your current insight)? If you had to writ.. an article or book about the subje..t, what would it aspire to achieve?