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Final Exam Essay about the issues raised by Garrett Hardin’s “Life Boat Ethics” as applied to the 2015 Refugee Crisis explored in Persuasion Case Study 2.

write a complete persuasive essay presenting and supporting a clear contention.

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Your essay should come in between 900 and 1200 words and include references. Your aim is to convince your readers to agree with you and take action. You need to pitch your essay to a specific audience, so feel free to inform me about who you imagine as your audience in a side note. You also need to anticipate and try to rebut objections from your opposition.

Watch the link first and then write the essay.

  1. Consider the sinking lifeboats in the Frontline documentary and apply an extreme version of Garrett Hardin’s basic stand: It is more reasonable to let the people drown than to go rescue them. For Europeans, saving refugees and bringing them to Italy, Greece, or Spain only fuels human trafficking and makes the problem bigger. Emphasizing the danger of illegal crossings, on the other hand, ultimately solves the problem. Do you agree with this contention? Why or why not?