SLWK3030 Payne Chapter 1

Each student needs to create a project portfolio for a selected character from their selected movie .

Selected Character: Wladyslaw Szpilman

Selected Movie: Pianist (2002)


The portfolio should include information on how 5 practice theories (at least one theory should be from the problem-solving group of theories, one from the empowerment group and one from the social change group of theories) can help inform social work practitioner to work with the selected character from the selected movie.



to use minimum three theories from the broad range of practice theories presented in Payne textbook (problem-solving, empowerment and social change) to demonstrate the interrelation between why and how. You can also use two additional practice theories to help you find the most appropriate intervention for the selected character who is facing the selected concern.


Three main practice theories that can assist a social worker to address Wladyslaw’s issue are:

Problem-solving: systems and ecological practice

Empowerment: strengths/solution/narrative

Social change: critical practice

Problem-solving: psychosocial practice



The portfolio should have an introduction where student introduces the character, movie and main concern that can bring the character to see a social worker and a practice setting. In introduction, student should also include a Social GRACES profile for selected character and list all the visible characteristics that might help the social worker to design the most appropriate intervention for the selected character. Please reference each of the visible/voiced characteristic (scene from the movie where each characteristic is the most evident) based on the information you have collected from the movie. The Social GRACES profile for the character should include all visible/voiced characteristics for the selected character.


In the introduction, the student should also introduce 5 practice theories that student will use in the paper.


The body of portfolio introduces each practice theory.


For each selected practice theory students should find the most applicable academic journal article or book chapter (book) (minimum one resource per practice theory) that provides the strongest connection between theory and practice and can be useful in working with selected character. When providing rationale on how each selected practice theory can be used in working with selected character strong connection to course textbook and required readings is required.


 The conclusion should summarize key points on how selected practice theories can support the selected character to address the identified concern. The conclusion to the portfolio should include a summary and highlight key points on how the selected theories can address the main concern for selected character and include all the references student used to complete the portfolio.

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