Social Media Brand Winner & Loser of the week: you

Social Media Brand Winner & Loser of the week: you can choose to present an article, ad, press release, etc. from any current publication or credible Internet source. There is something happening on social media every day, brands are launching new products, artists are releasing new music. Sometimes the ideas can be great and sometimes it can be an epic failure. Using your social media accounts select an item from a company, brand or celebrity, etc. that you will deem a “winner” for using social media effectively and you will also select a “loser” for any company or celebrity that didn’t use it successfully. You must submit the assignment via Brightspace and provide an extra copy to that you will be ready to present to class.   You will need to include a screenshot of the social post the date any URLs and why it is a winner and/or loser.  If it contains a video feel free to show in class.  Please submit a word document that includes the following.

  • Selection of your Winner of the Week and why
  • Selection of your Loser of the Week and why
  • Include any and all urls and screenshots as stated above
  • Be ready to be called on to present your winner and loser to share with your classmates
  • The winners and losers must come from social media channels (Twitter, Insta, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest)  and it must be current
  • What deems a winner
    • A social media post that went viral
    • That also made news headlines resulting in a feel good/charitable moment
    • A post that resulted in positive change
  • What deems a loser
    • A post that sparks outrage
    • A post that ends up having to be removed based on the outrage
    • A post that may end up getting media coverage but in a negative way
  • Use your best judgement and begin to think strategic

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