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Social Welfare Policy Issue: Financial Stability
including past and current policy in America on this issue/trend (laws, civil rights actions, and legislations, etc.)
Identify the most Affected Population by this issue and those who are Primary Consumers of the services for this issue at United Way
Theoretical Framework: (Systems Theory Framework)
Practice Methods:
Solution-Focused Theoretical Perspective: Strength
Ethical Framework/Philosophy: NASW Code of Ethics you will use to guide and/or improve services/intervention/deliver better services
Intervention Methods: Identify any potential intervention programs/services using United Way agency aimed at addressing the social issue/problem. Also, state whether or not the intervention program/service is based on credible informed research.
Service Effectiveness: Identify how effective are the intervention services…Answer whether or not the intervention services currently offered are effective or not (use research data to support this answer).Recommendation: State suggestions on how this service/intervention can be improved
Conclusion: Reflections…state your view about the issue and any final thoughts
8 pages (double spaced)

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