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 PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT: Speech #2 is based on your goals for your education, whatever they may be. Why did you decide to go to college? What do you hope to accomplish while you are here? What do you hope to do with your college education once you have completed it? This speech is NOT a term paper/research speech and you do not need to do any additional research. It should be about what you know and personally feel and think about your educational goals. We should come away from this speech feeling like we know something personal about you. REQUIREMENTS: • The speech should be three to four minutes in length. • Delivery is to be extemporaneous using 3-4 notecards. These are to be turned in following your speech. • The introduction and conclusion should be fully developed and there should be a definite, logical transition bridging each component of the speech. • Each main point should be clearly stated and well developed. • A typed, full-sentence outline is to be submitted on the day of your speech. Please follow the format on the outline worksheet. POINT DISTRIBUTION: Organization: 8 points Content: 7 points Delivery: 5 points Outline: 10 points Total: 30 points

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