Start reading Chapter 6 in the textbook: Managing Social

  • Start reading Chapter 6 in the textbook: Managing Social Responsibility and Ethics 
  • Textbook: Management, 13th Edition by S. Robbins and M. Coulter, published by Pearson Education.        

Module 1

  1. What is the difference between the terms ethical and legal?
  2. What do organizations have to gain when they are socially responsible and ethical?
  3. What are the consequences to organizations if they act socially irresponsible or unethical?

Module 2 

  • Start the weekly reading in the text – Chapter 7 (page 181) – Managing Change and Innovation.
  1. Can managers and organizations do anything to prevent change from happening?
  2. Can you identify one company or organization that has remained unchanged throughout its lifetime?
  3. What is management’s role in the face of change?

Role-Play – Week 3: Module 3

Capsule Manufacturing is a vitamin manufacturing business owned by the Mean Family. The President of the company is Ignatius Michael Mean. He is an old cantankerous bully who is prone to firing employees when accidents happen in the manufacturing plant.

You are the newly hired Safety Manager at Capsule Manufacturing. You’ve been there for about three months and in that time not one accident has been reported. The problem with this is that you’ve heard through the grapevine that there have been several accidents that have occurred, but employees covered them up because they were afraid of being fired.

You know that this is a serious problem because if accidents are not reported then that doesn’t give you a chance to repair faulty equipment and address unsafe employee practices. Most of all, if this is left unaddressed, then this may one day lead to a serious – maybe even fatal – accident.

You’ve decided that this must be addressed with Mr. Mean, and have scheduled a meeting with him next week to discuss your plan.

Obviously, you need to make structural, technological and personnel changes.

For this role-play you must answer the following:

  1. How will you help the employees who weren’t directly involved in covering up previous accidents overcome their fear of being fired?
  2. How will you try to prevent Mr. Mean from firing people if they report an accident?
  3. What are some of the stresses on people that could interfere with your plans?
  4. How will you manage the transition from no safety program to a newly devised safety program?

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