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Strengths-to-Strategy, Curriculum Vitae, and Action Plan
Strengths-to-Strategy, Curriculum Vitae, and Action Plan
Strengths-to-Strategy Plan
i. – Leadership Strengths
– Leadership Opportunities
– Strategies for Turning Opportunities into Strengths
– Strategies for Leveraging Others’ Strengths

Professional Curriculum Vitae
Action Plan for Leadership Formation
Analysis of Current CV : An analysis of your current CV, including
your greatest accomplishments and what you
are most proud of in your career journey.
Plan of Action for
Strengthening CV : A plan of action for
strengthening your CV by adding accomplishments to areas in which you may
not have entries or have limited entries.
Plan of Action to Turn
Opportunities into Strengths: A
plan of action for using the strategies for turning your developmental
opportunities into strengths noted on the Strength-to-Strategy Plan.
a. Recaps the paper’s purpose statement and mini-outline criteria.
b. Draws major conclusions from the body of your paper.
c. Summarize the importance of professional development to you as a future practice scholar and DNP leader.
– the CV section will be completed by me

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