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We are currently study family Nursing Practitioner , We will finish the Master degree on August 2017 . – From Saudi Arabia we will applying for PHD program in nursing at , loma Linda University . We are intersting to do my research on the abdominal aortic aneurysm screening in Saudi Arabia we select this topic becuses my Dady has this disease last 6 month ago , it was effect for all my family specific me .We realize we should do somethings to all high risk people to screen and change the health care way in Saudi Arabia ,we would like to answer for all question and do my personal Essay” 1. Please give a biographical account of yourself 2. Give a detailed statement of your academic interests 3. What contribution do you expect to make to the nursing profession after earning your graduate degree? 4. If you’re applying for the PhD program, what are your desired outcomes from doctoral study, and how do you expect your work at LLUSN to contribute to your long-term goals?

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