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My subculture is Abaya in Saudi Arabia

i choose metal bracelet has massages that its your free doom but don’t lose your culture and traditional

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IMPORTANT! All written documents must be typed double space, using Arial or Times New Roman font type, minimum 1” margins, using APA academic writing style. For reference click the following link:

Please print and store all papers in a three-ring binder and bring the binder to class each Thursday.

Final Project: Develop a fashion product for social good to help eradicate an “ism” of your choice. The project must be inspired by your selected subculture. 

Week Three: Research any three fashion products that are used for social good. For example, The Giving Keys.

  • Write a one-pager for each product you select.
  • The one-pager should answer the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how. Also pay close attention to the person who developed the product. What really motivated them to launch the product?
  • In your introduction please note what attracted you to these projects. This will help you as you work through the process of developing your own project.
    Week Four: Select three different scholarly journals to use as resources for researching trends in fashion products that are used for social good.
  • Research terms like social enterprises, One for One campaigns, social good, social entrepreneurs.
  • Write a three page review of the articles selected from the scholarly journals.
  • I suggest researching articles featuring statistics, scaleability, trends or relevant scholarly theories.


Week Five: Brainstorm with your accountability partner about the “ism” you would you like to help eradicate and why? 

  • Please find a place on campus to brainstorm a problem you would like to solve in the fashion industry. Do not worry about discussing the product at this point, just focus on a problem you’d like to solve.
  • Week 6: Provide a global, historical perspective of this societal challenge.

• Write a 2 page report. One page outlining how this problem is viewed globally, and one page outlining how this problem is viewed historically.

Week 7: Outline three organizations that have tackled the “ism” you chose. 

• Write a three page review of the organizations that have tackled the “ism” you’d like to help solve.

Week 8: Develop three viable solutions for the “ism” you’d like to help solve. 

  • Write three short paragraphs outlining your solutions to the problem or “ism” you’d like to help solve.
  • Brevity and clarity are key at this point in the research process.
    Week 9: Conduct and prepare a SWOT analysis on each of the solutions.
  • Please type up a SWOT analysis
  • Utilize previous research to fill in the blocks for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
    Week 10: Type one paragraph explaining the fashion product you decided to develop and why?