Subsistence Strategies

 1. Watch the following clips, taking notes according to “How to Read / View Ethnography” handout – see attachment 2. Completed Essays need to summarize each film in 1-2 sentences, and then using your guide write a critical analysis of each film in 1-2 sentences and 1 paragraph comparing and contrasting all of the films. Total 250-400 words  The Hunters (clip, 9 mins, Ju/’hoansi, Kalaharai foraging) watch?v=qsaXQ0crny8 (full film on EVO). A Kalahari family parts 2 & 4, 7 min.  Dani Sweet Potatoes (clip, 6 mins, Dani/New Guinea horticulture) start watching at 1:55, (full film on EVO)  The Nuer (clip, 12 mins, Nuer/Sudan pastoral) v=J0VBnrIkAtA (full film on EVO) OR Boran Herdsmen (clip, 5 mins, Boran/Kenya pastoral) (full film on EVO)  Fishers of Dar (clip, 3 mins, Tanzania subsistence fishing) watch?v=Baix2HiriZM (full film on EVO)  Wet Culture Rice (clip, 5 mins, Taiwan agriculture) v=wfVYohQJPB4 (full film on EVO)  Food Chains, trailer,

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