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Suggested Reading for the formative assignment
From the list below, pick the items relevant to your chosen question.
*Allan B. 2009.
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*Andrews K. 1973. Can the best corporations be made moral?
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Bakan J. 2005.
The Corporation,
New York: Simon & Schuster
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*Bennet N,
G (2014) What a difference a word makes: understanding threats to performance in a VUCA world,
Organizational Performance, 57, 311-317
Cadbury D. 2011.
Chocolate Wars, the 150-year rivalry between the worlds greatest chocolate makers, New York: Public Affairs (available as an ebook)
Kachaner N, Stalk G & Bloch
A. 2012. What you can learn from family business,
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Pfeffer J. 2009. Shareholders First?
Not So Fast,
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Richer J 2018.
The ethical capitalist, how to make business work better for society, London, Penguin Random House.
Quacquarelli Symonds (2020) Employer Insight Report 2020, London, Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd. (QS-Employer-Insights-Report.pdf
*Trought, F. 2017.
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Harlow: Pearson,
*Warwick P (compiler) 2018. Changing World of Business 3e, Harlow, Pearson. (chapters 3 and 15).
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