Systems Analysis and Design PROJECT Assignment: Write an analysis of

Systems Analysis and Design PROJECT Assignment:

Write an analysis of a company – introducing the company and state an issue the company wants remedied. Follow the outline in chapter one of your text to complete all the steps of the analysis. State the implementation plan. You may use a fictitious organization, but a real organization would be better. This assignment is not a group project. Below is a sample outline of an analysis. Work on you document and each week upload the current version to Canvas.

  1. System Vision Document Problem description System capabilities Business benefits
  2. Plan the Project Determine the major components (functional areas) that are needed Define the iterations and assign each function to an iteration Determine team members and responsibilities
  3. Discover and Understand Details Do preliminary fact-finding to understand requirements Identify Use Cases Identify Object Classes Identify Object Classes Design System Components
  4. Design System Components Design the database (schema) Design the system’s high-level structure Browser, Windows, or Smart phone and 2 Architectural configuration (components) Design class diagram Subsystem architectural design
  5. Build, Test, and Integrate System Components
  6. Complete System Testing and Deploy the System INSTRUCTIONS:
  7. Follow the APA Publications Manual sixth Ed. Papers are to be typed (use a word processor, Times New Roman with font size 12).
  8. Limit – five to seven pages (exclusive of title page, bibliography); double[1]spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides.
  9. Write clearly. Check your grammar and spelling.
  10. Write in your own words. The class is conducted in English; your paper must be in English. Start early.
  11. Upload your to the FINAL assignment in Canvas by midnight on last day of week 10

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