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 In this second unit we have explored the ways in which technology has reconfigured our lives. In Turkle’s “The Flight from Conversation” she suggests that “we have sacrificed conversation for mere connection. In “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr suggests that the Internet is having an effect on people’s ability to retain information and to read analytically. He goes even further to suggest that our brains are being reconfigured because of our constant use of the Internet. These two articles suggest that the Internet has had some very deleterious (bad) effects on human beings: whether it is our ability to communicate in a meaningful way through conversation or to understand and read analytically. However, in the “IRL Fetish in Real Life” and “Pics and It Didn’t Happen”Jurgenson argues that technology has had positive effects on our lives. He believes that it has made us value our time alone even more. He insists that “the current obsession with the analog, the vintage and the retro has everything to do with this fetishization of the offline.” He also argues for the benefits of temporary photographs. Do you agree or disagree with the views propounded in these articles? Establish a clear position either for or against. Refer to at least two articles. Be as specific as you can. Notice how some of the articles focus on a particular aspect of the Internet (Snapchat, Google.) Feel free to do the same! Use your own experience with the internet to come up with an original position/ and or focus. Try not to state the obvious.

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