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The attached papers will help in guide for the assignment needed. the topic is: The Change within the Youth Center that Target Youth in Care”
Content and Purpose: The paper must be a draft of the title page, abstract, and introduction section of the paper and a reference page for citations in the introduction only. The introduction must discuss the differing sides and some of the issues to be covered but not in detail. The abstract must be a summary of the entire paper not a repeat of the introduction. 15/15 points earned
Organization, Grammar & presentation: The paper is well organized. The sources are listed alphabetically on the reference page. The title page, abstract page and introduction page meet all APA specifications. There are no spelling and grammatical errors. 15/15 points earned
Information Literacy- the sources are all appropriate peer reviewed sources and research data and are correctly cited and referenced. 7/7 points earned
Critical thinking; the analysis of the issue is demonstrated by the abstract and introduction to the topic. The issues presented by both sides are identified clearly.13/13 points earned

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