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In this essay, you will draw on the knowledge and skills acquired during previous study, in particular your previous research unit (what is the best available evidence? What is high level evidence?)

In this assessment task you will undertake a review of the literature to explore and provide critique of the evidence base surrounding the care of aspects of CVAD management. There are numerous complications which can occur, however for the purposes of this assessment task we are only focusing on three complications.

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The case study provides you with a background to Jim and his journey, however it does not provide information on the complications themselves, these were complications encountered by Jim during his admission. In other words the case study allows you to collect cues about Jim, for example the type of CVAD, his BMI etc.

The complications you are focusing on include:

•    CVAD associated bloodstream infection (prevention) ( u need  evidence based literature to support this highly evidence literature
•    Occlusion (prevention and management)
•    Local skin irritation (prevention)
To start your essay, you need to source literature on these three (3) complications and then decide what is the best available evidence, you can then apply these to the context of Jim and his journey.