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Acting as the corporate event manager of Lycatalk organisation, you are required to develop a proposal pitch (presentation) detailing how you proposed of organising a Gala Fundraising dinner. You must demonstrate an understanding of why this event and chosen venue/destination will facilitate meeting the company’s need, particularly focusing on the benefits for the company’s reputation. Please be aware that you are required to develop approximately 15 slides that must include Cover page, Summary, Team, Problem, Solution, Marketing/sales strategy, Projections or Milestones, Competitors, Business Model, Financing, Target market and opportunity, Traction and Validation/roadmap, Vision and value proposition, Revenue model, Exit strategy, Partnership, and Bibliography. Please also be very aware that the pitch must also include Venue, overview of facilities, Unique Selling Point (UPS’s). It must also be done using the appropriate terminology, grammar, spelling and punctuation. With a clear and contrite structure content, ensuring also to demonstrate evidence of research to support the presentation. The use of PowerPoint, video, images, diagram and any other media technology to demonstrate/advertise the event is highly significantly compulsory.

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