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the discussion board for that week will address literacy assessment. Sorry for any confusion.
Module Nine
For this module, you will be reading chapter five in McKay and chapter two in Herrera,
I also have two short videos uploaded that address formative assessment.

Discussion Board #8 Prompt
What have the course readings and modules highlighted as important for the well-being of language learners? What type of formative assessment could support you in understanding how students are doing, particularly with the challenges we are currently facing?
discuss a formative assessment that will provide you with insight into five aspects of emergent bilingual students socio-emotional health and well-being.
Please specify the ages/grade level that this formative assessment will be designed for and if students are newcomers, refugees, in a specific type of program (i.e. dual language, bilingual education, adult education).
Please include at least five questions for the formative assessment that you feel would help you understand your students well-being.
You will receive credit (5 points) for the formative assessment and for the discussion board (2 points).

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