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The Harvard Business Review recently published an article titled, Marketing in the Age of Alexa. You can find the article by clicking on the following link: (Links to an external site.)

Your written assignment should be between 500-1000 words, well thought-out and it should address the question in its entirety.

Your assignment needs to be:

  • Free of plagiarism,
  • Properly formatted using the recommended APA writing format,
  • Properly cited, and
  • Academically clear, meaningful, and substantive.

Read the article Marketing in the Age of Alexa and answer the following question:

In the Harvard Business Review article, Marketing in the Age of Alexa, the authors describe a scenario in which an Artificial Intelligence Assistant is used to sort through reviews and ratings of various cars helping the consumer to make an informed purchasing decision. Describe in your own words a purchasing decision you have made or will make in the future and following the example in the article, describe how an Artificial Intelligent Assistant could help you make an informed purchasing decision.