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The instructions are copy-pasted from the instructor. And the topic is (The state of California should legalize sports betting)


This is the first part of your Policy Debate/Advocacy Assignment.  The following is Due in late October:  The total Assignment will be 150 points (100 will be done the following week). 

Briefs (50 points):

  1. Use the topic you posted on the discussion board.
  2. Your briefs must be typed and properly formatted.
  3. You need to turn in a copy to me by November 6 Submitted Via Canvas.
  4. You must cite at least FIVE sources throughout the briefs.
  5. Each brief represents one stock issue proper (Ill/Significance, Blame/Inherency, Cure/Solvency, and Cost/Desirability.
  6. As the advocate, you are required to address all stock issues. 
  7. There is no minimum requirement for the amounts of arguments for each brief/stock issue (as some topics are weighted in different areas).
  8. Submit Via Canvas
  9. I will post an explanation.