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The news source he used is CNN

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This Journal is your chance to share your thoughts, opinions and further thoughts on the topics we discuss in class. You should include comments about each of the topics we’ve covered in class since that last journal’s due date (Feb. 9). You may consider offering additional thoughts, personal experiences on the overall topic, lectures, videos, and comments offered by fellow students.

In addition, from the news source you selected to follow for this class find an article that relates to something we have discussed &/or covered so far in class. Post link and headline of the article and a brief description of the article and your reaction/response to the coverage of the story.

Write in a conversational tone, first person. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, this is a journalism class – both count. I am expecting 500+ words for each post. However, you are not limited to this word count. Consider it a target/minimum.

The photo has some subjects they took in clas also here is some: 

People nowadays

The bystander effect

Science Empathy

The death of kitty


This is what she said


Attached please find the Motherhood Manifesto assignment. The assignment is lengthy. You will complete every section that is outlined with the word M.O.T.H.E.R.You do not need to answer the questions that are for discussion at the beginning or at the end of the document. ONLY answer the questions under the headlines of


If you email me asking what questions you are required to answer, I promise you I will not reply.

Please give every question some thought and answer it in it’s completion in order to receive full credit. You do not need to retype the question, you can just type your answer.