The next step in the process is to identify evidence that

The next step in the process is to identify evidence that your intervention, your “I” in your PICO question, is supported in the literature.Based on the PICO question you picked in the Unit 2 Assignment, find a quantitative research study about the intervention (not the problem) related to the problem identified.

  • Do not use a website to find research articles.
  • Use the Library tab’s databases.
  • You will need to use the search techniques you learned in Unit 2, the library tutorial assignment for Unit 1, and the article that was linked to in the Unit 2 assignment.
  • Use the keywords that you identified for “intervention” in your Unit 2 PICO assignment. These are your search terms. 

Directions for Search

  • In CINAHL, using the library tab directions from a previous assignment, put those keywords in the search box.
  • Further narrow your search by using the search options for full text and evidence-based practice.
  • Use the search box “Publication Type” and choose “Randomized Controlled Trial.”
  • These are just suggestions. Experimenting with these search boxes will give you different results. This is to help you refine your search technique. The techniques are similar in Ovid and Proquest.
  • The article you pick needs to be a research study with an experimental or quasi-experimental design. It should be five (5) years old or less.
  • See Topics 1 – 4 in the Unit 4 readings about these designs.


Please complete the attached file below. Try to submit early in the week. Your instructor will let you know if this is an appropriate article. If it is not, you will need to resubmit as many times as it takes for you to find one.

By Sunday night you should have submitted and received confirmation that your techniques produced an article appropriate to use for the Unit 6 assignment.

  • Submit both the table and the article to the submission link
  • The instructor will put feedback in the grade center indicating if the article is correct or if more searching is needed.
  • You will need this article for the Unit 6 assignment.
  • Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets criteria

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