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Refer to Research project LO1, Task 1 id –  for continuation of this assignment please. The topic is “The perception of London mothers about high sugar content baby food and the future of their children’s health” Task 2, – be able to implement the research project within agreed procedure and to specification. Based on the methodology you described in your research proposal , carry out the investigation, and match the resources efficiently in your research question. undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedure. Record and collate the data based on the research question. Use appropriate research techniques to analyse your data. Research methodology can be broadly divided into quantitative and qualitative approaches. there are various methods for conducting research. if you want to understand the general pattern of a certain health issue in the population e.g. – high sugar content baby foods in UK. What are the right questions we can ask London Mothers regarding the impact of high sugar content baby food and the future health of their children? Task 3 LO3 – be able to evaluate the research outcome. Interpret and analyse the results of the data analysis from Task 2 in terms of the original research proposal (research objectives and/or hypotheses , if any) and make recommendations to solve the research problem identified in Task 1. You should also justify areas for further consideration.

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