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 The physical identification process in criminal investigations has been the subject of much scrutiny over the history of criminal investigations. Select one identification process (e.g., show-up, line-up, photo array, confirmatory, double blind, etc.) and review the positive and negative aspects for use. You may use a specific incident from a search of the Internet and discuss the methods that can be used to prevent and minimize misidentifications as well as the proposed methods to improve their use in a criminal prosecution.


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As a way to prepare, and perhaps get some initial feedback from your peers, please share the ‘media text’ you have chosen to rhetorically analyze for Essay II. If possible please provide a link to the ‘media text’ at the top of your post; don’t worry if you can’t based on the media text you chose. From there, please respond to some of the following topics:

  • Give a brief description/summary informing us on the text you chose.
  • Identify a target audience(s) and how/why you think they are the target.
  • Explore possible claims on the message it sends or the value it tries to promote.
  • Discuss how it attempts to manipulate the viewer and evidence to support that.
  • Consider the potential effects the message(s) could have on the audience.

An original response of at least 300 words should be posted by Tuesday’s class time, followed by two replies to your peers’ posts by Thursday’s class.