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The purpose of this question is to develop a web page that prompts the user to enter three values about an isosceles triangle, the left coordinates of its base                    , the length of its base and the triangle height. Then the web page calculates the right coordinates of its base  , the coordinates of the triangle vertex  and the length of the equal sides. 

Hint: You can consider that the base of the isosceles triangle is always parallel to x-axis (horizontal base).

The web page should be implemented by using only the basic HTML tags and PHP codes that you learnt in this course. The final code with 2 snapshots should be provided in your answer sheet.

The designed web page should include a title, a header, an input form for entering the required values and an output form for presenting the calculated values or a suitable message when some violations are occurred. The design and the layout of the web page are left intentionally for the student to distinguish his/her TMA form other students and to show his/her creativity in designing the web page.

The PHP part should include at least two PHP function for computing the coordinates of the triangle vertices and length of the triangle sides.