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The types of divisions or categories that mattered in society are altering. Like we talked about before – location, timing, and access are all changing how people work, live, and play. 
A modern element of our connected world is dedifferentiation: dissolution of established distinctions. We are seeing the merging of traditionally distinct entities. 

For each element below, find an example of a company, campaign, or expression that is attempting to build out this new element. Then explore how it is changing the status quo in their field. 

  • edutainment (an entertaining computer program that is designed to be educational)
  • infomercial (a television show, podcast, books series, etc. that is an extended advertisement)
  • docudrama (a drama dealing freely with historical events)
  • storybrand (a popular marketing messaging tool among business leaders that allows organizations to clarify their message using a seven part-process that leverages the power of story)
  • choice