Theoretical perspectives (eg, Personalisation, Safeguarding, Choice

Task 3: (word limit 350-400 words) Case Study This task will be a written response to a case study which has been provided in the appendix at the back of the assignment brief. You should evaluate at least 2 theoretical perspectives (eg, Personalisation, Safeguarding, Choice and Control) which could be used in relation to the case study. Students should consider the possible benefits and negatives of these theoretical perspectives in relation to the case study and future social work practice (A.C. 5.1 350-400 words).

A full reference list should be included at the bottom of the assignment submission and in-text references should be supplied throughout the work. Ensure you have read widely (eg, books, professional journals, and online sources) and have used your own words throughout, referencing any sources clearly. To achieve higher grades, carefully read through the merit and distinction guidance 

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