Think Like a Nurse:

1. Think Like a Nurse: 1 Page Recall Mr. Singh from Meet Your Patient. Refer to Volume 1 of your text as needed. How would you evaluate Mr. Singh’s surgical risk? What additional information do you need to answer this question? 2.Think Like a Nurse: 1 Page Identify changes in your community that will affect you as you embark upon your nursing career. What will you do to prepare for these changes? 3. Think Like a Nurse: 1 Page As a patient, would you prefer a telehealth or a face-to-face consultation? Why? Now imagine that you are an accident victim brought to a rural clinic staffed only with paraprofessionals. Does the answer change? If so, why?

4. Think Like a Nurse: 1 Page Undoubtedly you are experiencing stress as a student in a nursing program. How would you rate your level of hardiness? What statements would demonstrate a hardy personality in each area (commitment, control, challenge)? 5. Think Like a Nurse: 1 Page Refer to the Meet Your Patients scenario in the textbook. What, if any, evidence of caregiver strain does Mrs. Escobar exhibit? 6. Think Like a Nurse: 1 Page Consider the five components of ethical agency. To what extent do you believe nurses possess those abilities? Explain your thinking. 7. Think Like a Nurse: 1 Page A 54-year-old uninsured and unemployed female arrives at the emergency department (ED) of a small private hospital complaining of chest pain and nausea. The triage nurse calls the on-call physician, who instructs the nurse to send the patient to the county hospital several blocks away. The nurse assesses the patient and contacts her supervisor who instructs her to contact the medical chief of staff to inform him that the patient is in need of emergency treatment. Discuss whether the nurse’s action was appropriate or inappropriate.


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