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Task description This assessment has two parts.
In Part A, you will describe ONE leadership approach that Registered Nurses can employ. You will discuss and evaluate how this approach can impact upon: communication and documentation, emerging leadership opportunities, team work, delegation, scope of practice and management of conflict. For example, the opportunity of a new graduate nurse to become a leader, the responsibilities a new graduate nurse has, according to the practice standards, of delegating care to an Enrolled Nurse and how new graduate nurses may manage challenging situations in practice. This section of the assessment needs to be written in third person.
In Part B, you will identify how EITHER; emotional intelligence, resilience or belongingness have influenced your thoughts and actions as you transition to practice and  complete your nursing studies. What are the value of the above strategies as you transition from student to registered nurse? This section of the assessment may be written in first person, it is your reflections.
Additional information and resources about the assessment are in ‘How to Complete the Task and Assignment’ resources below.
You must include references to provide evidence for your own observations in Part A. You must use the Harvard Referencing system for in-text references and your reference list for ALL material which is not your own. This includes academic references, quality primary sources e.g. Government websites, images apart from your own, and online articles. There are examples of how to do this in the Harvard Referencing system guide.