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this assignment is due in 7 hours and this MUST be done within that time. 

Open the first attachment Preserving Self Esteem 

Do part 1 as a tune-up exercise after that you will do part 2. Part 1 placing x’s and check marks will not be in the answer. You select from them to do part 2 below:

Part 2:
a. Select 3 of the strategies and explain how they support children’s self-
b. Select 3 of the strategies and explain why they do not support children’s
**You must provide text references, references from article readings, lecture
notes, as well as details and examples to back up your reasoning**.   

2-3 pages, use the pdf attachment articles for information and you can you use online resources as well. 

You are doing part 2 in the word attachment Preserving self esteem