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This assignment is the last of four Step Assignments that will comprise a great deal of the Final Research Project.
Objectives – when students have completed this assignment, they will have:
Composed a properly constructed introductory paragraph.
Learned the proper construction of body paragraphs.
Considered ways to approach the composition of a conclusion paragraph.
Submission: An introductory paragraph for your research project, including:
– hook;
– background information / description of topic;
– thesis statement.
(One paragraph, double spaced, 1 margins, 12 point Times New Roman Font, Word, Pages, PDF only).
YES – the only thing you are turning in is the intro paragraph.
Example (you can use the bold/underline/italics if you want, but it is not required):
“I have a dream…” said Martin Luther King Jr., in 1963. His dream of equality and rights for African Americans was one shared by many who came long before him. After the Compromise of 1877, Jim Crow laws took deeper and deeper root throughout the South. With the passage of Plessy v Ferguson in 1896, the dreams of former slaves and their descendants for true equality of citizenship – for actual freedom from economic disparity and racism – were dreams deferred, but never discarded. Despite entrenched opposition, the “long” civil rights movement actively worked to right the wrongs of Jim Crow throughout the early twentieth century. By 1965, the movement was very successful in achieving its goals, as seen through the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the victories of grassroots activism in desegregating southern institutions.

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